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Starter cultures

From our suppliers’ large and increasingly biodiverse collection, we can deliver mesophilic and thermophilic cultures and blends for all cheese types and other fermented dairy products.

Our cultures are suitable both for bulk starter application and for Direct Vat Innoculation (DVI) and can consist of a single strain or multiple strains.

Our challenge: in cooperation with our suppliers to keep finding strains and combinations of strains that can deliver the exact functionalities you need for your application.

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Coagulants, whether of animal origin – that is, rennet – or of microbial origin, play a key role in cheese production. With the enzymatic effects of milk, coagulation contributes to the cheese’s specific taste development.

The choice of coagulants depends on such factors:

desired curd and ripening time,

quality of milk,

pH value and claims of product.

Milk coagulation enzymes are a necessary ingredient for the production of natural cheeses. The most suitable are those that ensure rapid separation of whey proteins, form a large amount of curds the cheese is made from, and do not affect the organoleptic properties of the finished product.

The most common form of rennet traditionally used in cheesemaking is animal rennet which contains chymosin and pepsin. You can be sure of the quality, high-performing coagulants we supply.

Cheese coating
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An essential ingredient for natural-ripened cheeses, cheese coating offers not only protection from drying and maintain the desired shape, but also control over the ripening process and taste. A coating can make or break your cheese, influencing its appearance. Does your concept call for an authentic look or a more modern one? A high-quality cheese relies on a high-quality and carefully selected coating.

We can help you choose the perfect coating for your cheese concept. With a broad range of solutions, we will help you get the exact ripening functionalities as well as the best possible look and feel. What is more, we offer coatings for several types of cheeses with different gas production.

Excellent properties of the coating protect the product from oxygen from the external environment and at the same time allows gas exchange. Our coating perfectly protects cheese from moisture losses.

Thanks to the glossy and transparent surface, your product is presented in the best light possible. Our packages guarantee excellent shrinkage even at lower temperatures.

Colourants and other additives

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Annatto is one of the oldest natural colouring agents. It is obtained from the outer coats of the seeds of the tropical shrub Bixa orellana. The colourant is added to milk to achieve an even colouring of cheese.

In winter, the content of the yellow pigment in milk fat, carotene, decreases. Products made from such milk have a yellowish colour. Adding dye to cheese milk compensates for this disadvantage. Annatto dye is resistant to light and heat. Its shades range from bright yellow to deep orange.

Annatto molecules have the ability to bind to proteins and interact with starch. As a result, it can be used for colouring fatty substances, as well as yoghurts, puddings and cheeses. The amount of colourant depends on the properties of milk. These are, for example

type of cheese;

product size;


desired colour.

Annatto is the main colourant used in the manufacture of cheese.

Mlecny Most
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